6 Decorations You Can Make Out of Junk

A junk collection holds so much more than what meets the eye. Well, technically, it does hold what meets the eye, but the potential for so much more is there and waiting for you to find it. A lot of junk can be reused and repurposed instead of being sent for waste disposal. You do not need to use rubbish clearance services for every little thing you cannot find a use for. You can instead apply some imagination and save yourself the clearance company fee, using whatever there is in the rubbish collection for something not so rubbish. And the company can have the rest, so don’t worry – they won’t be out of a job.

And to stir up your imagination, here are some ideas that you can use to decorate your home.

#1 – Corks

This is definitely not junk. Your precious memories of the tasty wine you had that one time can stay along in another form. Take a few corks and you can make one out of many and many items. They can be cut and glued as a coaster, they can become a knob for your drawer, they can even be refigured as a corkboard. And in terms of decorations, you can make figurines, you can create a jewellery box, you can even make a decoration house and put it above the fireplace.

#2 – Toys

When the child grows up, toys become a bit obsolete, right? After all, what other than rubbish removal awaits them. Right? No, wrong. Throwing away a toy only means that you have no idea what to use it for. And toys are actually the ultimate decoration. Depending on your taste, you can place a LEGO figure, a Barbie doll, or an action figure next to a vase, above the TV, or in any other appropriate context. And when you want a more practical approach, take those old metal or wooden animal figurines and turn their tails into hangers.

#3 – Paper

If you think that there is no possible use for old and used paper, then you need to turn your creativity drive on for a bit. If you have always wanted a picture on the wall, then why not make a sealed memory of all your old paintings or your child’s sketches. Put them together, frame them, put a glass pane and hang it up as a brand new painting, handmade and literally designed to entertain. Memory, the part, the ambition – it’s all there, and all for you to admire and laugh at. And if you don’t want that, then you can make some vintage wrappings for your vases.

#4 – Old Tools

Old tools can easily become part of the decor. A simple frame combination of all your old tools can tell a story of the projects you have taken part in the past. Tougher tools can also be turned into hangers themselves, and other tools can be bent and misshapen and modified to look like figurines or parts of other figurines or action figures. Go through your tools and see how fun they can be when you are not labouring along with them in hand.

#5 – Tyres

Old tyres can actually be quite useful as decoration. Spare yourself skip hire and instead paint them in a bright colour and place them around the garden. They can be planters, they can be fences, they can even be a holder for another figurine or a statue you keep outside. Make something you want to use and make something fun to observe.

Make something fun. This is the type of attitude you need in order to optimally approach your junk collection. When you turn that imagination on and take out any item from the collection, you will see more options for decorations rather than objects for junk removal. It’s all up to you, so see the potential rather than the rubbish.