Fun Ways for Recycling Old Jeans


Jeans are, more often than not, items that you have to throw away as soon as they stop fitting as they are not exactly the stretchy or reusable type of clothing. But, instead of throwing them out, think about this: there are a lot of ways of reusing things that you no longer want to use for their original purpose. And jeans do have their application outside the clothing purpose they are so famous for.

So when your denims stop fitting don’t immediately send them for rubbish disposal, simply turn the imagination switch on and think about all the creative ways you can turn the jeans into something useful. And to help you, here are some ideas to get your DIY creativity drive going:

#1 – Create Denim Bags

Yes, there are a lot of ways in which you can turn a pair of jeans into a perfectly usable and practical bag. And it can be quite the classy one if you are handy with the sewing kit. Think about ways to cut the jeans and then combine them to turn them into both fashionable and practical bags and the rest can go for waste collection. It can always be the design you want and it can be the design that befits you.

#2 – Create Pillow or Cushion Cases

With big enough jeans you can pretty much do anything, including stuck a whole pillow inside. You can even use more than one set of jeans to make different patterns or combine different colours for the cases. The options are many and you can make various cases, and you can even leave the pockets on to have small compartments for items you keep misplacing, such as napkins or buttons.

#3 – Create Denim Upholstery

This one requires some handy work, but if you can pull it out, think about the cool design your furniture can take. After all, why stop at the cushion cases! Let’s spread the denim and make a jean upholstery for the chairs and maybe even a big sheet for covering the sofa or armchairs. Now won’t that surprise your next guest? Blow people’s minds with things like that, and bring back some hipster designs to the house to show off your skills and creativity. Try one of these ideas before organising your waste removal.

#4 – Create Denim Gift Wraps

If you can wrap a sofa in denim, then why not boxes as well, right? Think about how fashionable a gift can get if you spend some time in turning that old pair of jeans trousers or jacket into a huge blue-ish wrapping of denim coolness. The receiver will already be impressed with the gift and whatever is inside will already be less relevant after such a forward presentation. Shock your Christmas guests with such gift wraps and you will be glad you have not sent your jeans for waste disposal.

#5 – Recreate the Clothing

Clothes often can beget clothes. If you have a kid and you are good with the sewing machine, then why not turn a big pair of trousers into a smaller pair of trousers? The rubbish removal can wait some more time as your child enjoys the feeling of the comfy new hand-made jeans you provided. And it does not even have to be the same type of clothing – you can make a vest, bandanas, a T-shirt, short trousers, patches for clothing and so on. The options are about as endless as your imagination allows them to be.

Don’t give the jeans to the waste collection team just yet. Think about what else you can do with them and then play a bit. The rubbish clearance company will always be waiting for your call, so they won’t go anywhere, but the jeans will. Repurposing your jeans means helping the environment. So make sure to have as much fun with them as you can before they are gone.