How to Reduce the Amount of Food Waste You Produce

Green living sometimes requires a lot of limitations. But when people talk about food waste, they do not actually mean you should limit the amount of food you eat, nor that you have to eat all the food so that there is no waste left. There is a middle ground, something you can do with food waste so that there is no actual food waste left. No need to do waste disposal when you have the answers, and here are some good answers for you to consider before calling the rubbish collection service:

#1 – Freeze

Sometimes you can simply keep it all and don’t have to worry about rubbish removal. Almost all vegetable waste can be put in a plastic bag and stored in a freezer for the cold winter months. Once winter starts knocking, you can take it out, dump all produce leftovers in a pot of boiling water and make broth. That’s right – add the right spices and frozen vegetable leftovers can make the perfect meal for the cold winter season. Warm, vitamin-filled, tasty – it is the healthy meal for any cold day.

#2 – Make Compost

Why bother throwing leftovers away when you can do something much more useful with them? If you have a garden, then you should definitely put a section aside and fill it up with the organic waste your home produces. Dry it up, learn some composting techniques and then do your waste disposal the smart way rather than dumping it all into the landfill or calling waste collection services. This will benefit your plants, your garden, and the future produce of said garden.

#3 – Give Away

If you are not into all of this, then look for somebody who is. Maybe you know somebody who does like making broth or is an expert gardener who knows the benefits of a good compost pile. In that case simply pack all the food waste and donate it to that person and forget about your waste removal chores. They will handle waste better than you can and it does not have to go to a landfill to pollute nature. Ask around, see who is interested and provide the resources to make somebody else’s life better.

#4 – Plan Ahead

Naturally, one way to prevent dealing with food waste is not to have any at all. When you go shopping, always buy just enough and never in abundance. That way when you are cooking, you will prepare what you need and there will be a minimal amount of leftovers, if at all. You might not get it right on the first try, but life is all about trial and error.

Use these tips and make dealing with food waste an easy experience. If not, hiring a waste clearance company will always be an option.