6 Smart Ideas for Waste Separation at Home


There are many ways to stay eco-friendly at home. You can do a lot to better your recycling habits, starting with the basic rule of recycling: separation matters. Doing a good job with the rubbish separation will take you a long way towards doing a better job with the recycling.

When the junk clearance company comes, they can take the separated rubbish and then they can send it all to the recycling centre and there a much bigger percentage gets recycled than if they had to do it themselves. Always remember that such companies do not necessarily separate your rubbish, so if you want to recycle properly, make sure you take care of than facet. And here are good ideas for handling waste separation:

#1 – Make Storage Space

Separation takes space. You want to have a good place for the storage of the rubbish until the rubbish removal service comes. A garage would be a perfect place for that, but if you don’t live in a house, you will have to dedicate a whole room for it. The key thing is to have the place for the job before you start doing the job – otherwise, don’t even bother.

#2 – Get the Right Bins

When you have the space, it’s time to fill it. You can use either the three bin system or the six bin system. The basic system is the one with the three bins – one for glass, one for plastic, one for paper. The more advanced, and ultimately the better one, is the one with six bins: for plastic, metal, paper, glass, electronics, and organic waste. If you have a garden, the latter one can be turned into a compost pile. If you are a good gardener it is always better to use rather than do waste clearance.

#3 – Use More Bins Around the House

You can use smaller bins with labels on them around the house so that you can separate before you take them to the storage space. It takes a lot of bins, yes, but ultimately it does pay off in terms of satisfaction.

#4 – Teach the Kids to Separate

Educating your kids about the strategies and importance of separation is always a good idea. Tell your kids why it is important to do this and why recycling matters. After that they can join the fun and the whole process becomes much easier.

#5 – Get the Right Help

An important part of all this, naturally, is the choice of a rubbish clearance company. You need a service that will do proper and regular rubbish collection, and affordable one as well. A green company that works with the local recycling centre so that your efforts matter. Leave it to the local waste collectors and all your waste will go to the landfill.

#6 – Keep Doing Research

The ways for recycling and separation develop on a regular basis. There are many methods that will help you recycle your waste and if you keep up with them, then you will do a better job with your own waste separation. Simply do a short research every few months on the subject and think of ways to improve what you are doing.

Use these ideas and make the rubbish separation at home easier and more efficient. This will also ease up the rubbish removal process and all the waste removal companies will be grateful as well.